Tocks Island 50 Years Later: For Some The Memory is Still Painful (Slideshow, Movie)

(Editor’s Note: MilfordNow welcomes Edgar Brannon, Jr. as a new contributor. Ed will be focusing on local and regional conservation and environmental issues. With his deep experience, he is a great addition to our team. Be sure and catch his bio at the end of the article.  All images by Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow.  No reproduction without permission.  All images were taken with the permission and knowledge of the National Park Service, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Per NPS request, no buildings were entered for these photos.  MilfordNow would like to thank Kathleen Sandt from the National Park Service. Her help and guidance in preparing this article was invaluable. We would also like to thank Nick Patrick from Yeti Nest Films for allowing us to show his haunting movie, Ghost Waters. Finally, a big thank you to Fretta’s and The Harrington House for their sponsorship of this piece.)

Tocks Island: The Origins

In the 1930s the Army Corps of Engineers began to study dam sites for all major rivers in the United States. The Delaware River’s little known “Tocks Island Dam Site” was proposed to be constructed several miles above the Delaware Water Gap. The dam was to be an “earth-fill dam,” that would back-up water from the gap, 20 miles up river, creating a massive reservoir.

tocks island

Near Turtle Beach, Old Mine Road (New Jersey) (Image Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

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