Photographer Alan Kaplan: The Tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

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(Editor’s Note: Alan Kaplan is a professional photographer based in New York City, with a home in Milford, Pennsylvania. A photography mentor to me, Alan has been creating award-winning campaigns for a broad range of international clients for over 30 years. His approach to lifestyle, travel and portrait photography reveal the heart of one of the most prolific photojournalists in the world. His clients include Orange Communications, PNC Bank, Jack Daniels, T-Mobile, Yahoo!, American Express, Nokia, Miller-Coors, Nestea, Microsoft and Citibank.
Alan and his wife, model and public speaker, Wendy Stuart Kaplan, have spent the last 14 years documenting the lifestyle and emotions of indigenous people all over the world. Their goal is to illustrate a commonality embraced by all people, regardless of cultural differences. As global-modernization, political upheaval, and environmental threats loom for these cultures, Alan and Wendy are attempting to tell their story before it is too late. -Preston Ehrler)

Our Time in Ethiopia by Wendy Stuart Kaplan

The Omo Valley in Ethiopia is one of the few places in the world where tribal culture has remained much the same for hundreds of years. It was a fascination of this tribal beauty and fashion that brought us to a part of the world, considered by many to be remote, unique and a place where time stands still.

Karo elder elaborately painted, a local "celebrity" among the Karo people.

Karo elder elaborately painted. A local “celebrity” among the Karo people.

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