Straus News Purchasing MilfordNow


(Left to Right) Straus News’ Pam Chergotis, owner Jeanne Straus, and Preston Ehrler at the Straus News Headquarters.

Straus News, owner of The Pike County Courier and 17 other hyperlocal newspapers and websites, has acquired MilfordNow, a community news platform serving Pike County, Pennsylvania.

In 2015 MilfordNow had over 900,000 page views under the direction of its founder, Preston Ehrler. Mr. Ehrler will be joining the Straus News team as Director of Research and Development. He will be responsible for expanding the overall reach of Straus’ many publications.

After the merger is completed, The Pike County Courier’s managing editor Pam Chergotis and her team will assume editorial responsibility for MilfordNow.

“We’re excited to be joining forces with MilfordNow and pleased to be able to lure Preston’s high energy and entrepreneurial spirit to the Straus News team. His depth of knowledge in the digital news space will enable us to best leverage our current platforms, as well as build new sites to expand our reach in the hyperlocal arena,” said Jeanne Straus, President and Publisher of Straus News. “Based on what he’s done with MilfordNow in such a short time, we could not be happier.”

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