Grey Towers Cemetery Walk

(All images by Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

Over the weekend, Grey Towers hosted a walk that explored the “burial plot” on the historic property known as Laurel Hill Cemetery. The cemetery is the burial site for “many of Milford’s earliest residents, including several generations of Pinchot family members.”

About 40 people were treated to mini-lectures at various points of interest throughout the cemetery. Highlighted were discussions on headstone carving; cleaning and maintenance of the stones, many of which had fallen over; historic notables; and symbolism depicted on many of the monuments.

It was a fun, interesting and insightful event. Here’s a look…


Phil Wooldridge of Wise Owl Workshops discusses headstone carving and shows attendees a bit of the craft.
(Image by Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

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