DV Superintendent John Bell Discusses Threat Rumors (Video)

In a cooperative effort to keep parents, students and the community informed, MilfordNow met with Delaware Valley Superintendent John Bell today to discuss the rumors of continuing threats at Delaware Valley High School.  During the meeting, Bell talked about ensuring student safety, parental notifications and shifting concerns regarding threats.

One rumor Bell wanted to quash pertained to the concern that DV did not have a plan in place for a mass threat emergency.  Bell indicated that such a plan had indeed been in place since 1999, and was updated at least annually, but stressed that the plan is often updated more frequently.  “We update the plan in order to be able to respond to different kinds of threats that are evolving throughout the country,” said Bell. Information regarding changes to DV’s security posture, though proactive, is not released to the public.

DV Website Updates

Bell and DV are keeping the DV schoolwires page updated more often with evolving information.  You can visit the page HERE.

An update from this morning states:

I’m writing this update to help alleviate any fears people are having.  There are all kinds of rumors swirling around the community.  This is only natural when the amount of information being shared is limited.  At the same time, I think everyone understands that information is limited because it is an ongoing criminal investigation.  Here are some highlights to help everyone understand more about the situation:

We have interviewed several dozen students to gather more information related to last week’s arrest.  The students have been very helpful.

We have no evidence that anyone else was involved.

There was a rumor that something was going to happen this Friday.  We have no evidence that anything was planned for this Friday.  The original “plan” of the suspect was to do something in the winter, if at all.

The senior class will still have their traditional Halloween on Friday.  We didn’t want the actions of one to ruin a fun tradition for 400. Seniors are reminded that they need to be clearly identifiable at all times i.e. no masks etc.

When you think of the incidents that have occurred across the country in malls, department stores, movie theaters and restaurants, schools are still much safer than these other locations.  All school doors are locked and there is a single point of entry.  We also have full-time police officers on all three campuses.  Most public places in our community have many unlocked doors and no police on the premises.


John Bell talks to MilfordNow

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