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crystal cabin fever

Ice Slide at Crystal Cabin Fever (Image Nicole DiGennaro, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

Looking to beat the winter blues? How about an unforgettable trip down a 50-foot ice slide into a frozen wonderland? A jail, the Roman Colosseum, and a horse all made from ice are some of the features found at Crystal Cabin Fever, just outside of Hawley in Lakeville, Pennsylvania. Visitors can enjoy a free cup of hot chocolate or visit the bar made from ice for a free wine tasting, courtesy of Antler Ridge Winery.

100 Tons of Ice

According to Kristen Johnson, Event Manager, it takes over 100 tons of ice and a month and a half to transform an ordinary building into a glacial creation. Every year they base their sculptures on a theme. Previous themes were “a tropical paradise” and “the wild, wild, west” to name a couple. This year’s theme is the best of the past nine years. Johnson says this theme was chosen to celebrate their 10th anniversary by showcasing some of their best work over the past nine years.

Crystal Cabin Fever Origins

Johnson said that Crystal Cabin Fever originally started as a four-day event in Tanglwood to “get people out of their houses to do something other than skiing.” That four-day event attracted close to 500 people at its inception, and has grown to an almost month-long event and drew close to 12,000 visitors in 2012 and 2013. She adds, “Usually [the people] are happy. I actually met a woman yesterday and she has been to every single cabin fever we have had, so it shows we have continuous support of people. They do come every year. A lot of people, I would say more than half come from out-of-state.”

The Sculptures

The sculptures change every year with the exception of the 50-foot dual run ice-slide. Carved to resemble a pirate ship, visitors climb the stairs to the top for a mat to take the beloved ride. Johnson explains the popularity of some attractions, “The wine tasting is a huge one, they love to come and get their wine and ride the ice slide.”

People were seen lined up to have their photographs taken in a giant seashell chair and in front of the enormous Eiffel Tower completely made out of ice. Steve Unis, owner of Antler Ridge Winery describes what he loves about the event, “The variety from year to year. Watching the sculptures go up and watching them maintain them, and watching the people just come in and look at them and see how different they are from year to year.” When asked why he partnered with Crystal Cabin Fever, he said, “We thought it was a very unique opportunity to be a part of something so special and it’s a great way to get our product out as well.” The wines are made with Pennsylvania grapes and some flavors include watermelon, Sangria, and Cabernet. They feature red, white, blush, fruit, rose, and dry to name a few. With 21 varieties of wines to try, plus warm cider, there is one that is sure to be a favorite.

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