Comment/Letter to the Editor Policy

Webvantix, LLC, and Community and Commenting and Letter to the Editor Guiding Principles

Webvantix, LLC, and actively encourages commenting on news stories and posts. We are dedicated to this community and strive to maintain a respectful, engaging and informative conversation. Towards that end, we have general guidelines for commenting. They are enforced 24/7 by a moderating system that features a team of staff and community moderators, and moderation tools. If you wish to participate in the community, we ask that you follow the guidelines below and the spirit of the community they seek to create.

(I) Webvantix, LLC, and reserves the right to edit or remove comments.  If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it without warning. Webvantix, LLC, and shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor User Content posted or uploaded to the Site to determine compliance with these Terms of Service and any operating rules established by Webvantix, LLC, and and to satisfy any law, regulation or authorized government request. Although Webvantix, LLC, and has no obligation to monitor, screen, edit or remove any of the User Content posted or uploaded to the Site, and PortJervisNow reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to screen, edit, refuse to post or remove without notice any User Content posted or uploaded to the Site or any additional platforms at any time and for any reason, and you are solely responsible for creating backup copies of and replacing any User Content posted to any platform.

(i) Webvantix, LLC, and reserves the right to block individuals from posting comments on any platform.  Webvantix, LLC, and promotes a receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere for comments and users. Critical, in-depth and intelligent discussions and debates are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion or agreement with other community members, the author of the post or staff members as long as those opinions are respectful and constructively add to the conversation.

Trolls:  However, this community does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults, hyper-commenting, over-commenting, re-commenting (“Comment Copy and Paste”), attempts to alter, augment or usurp an article’s narrative or trolling.  Additionally, intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response are not allowed. Constructive criticism of our platforms is also welcome, but continuous, ongoing criticism that attempts to damage or demean MilfordNow or PortJervisNow will not be tolerated. These types of comments will be removed from the community where warranted. Individuals who consistently or intentionally post these types of comments will be, if necessary, excluded/”banned” from the community permanently.

(ii)  Comment that are solicitations or solicitations for funds are not allowed and will be removed.

(iii)  Comments on any Webvantix, LLC, and platform that are deemed homophobic, or religiously or racially insensitive will be deleted.  Additionally, those making such statements on any MilfordNow platform will be banned permanently.

(II) Many comments but not all comments are pre-moderated.

(i) To maintain a civil atmosphere, our moderation team may read comments before they are displayed to other users. If this is the case, your comment may be pending approval. Approval times can vary depending on the site-wide comment load, so please be patient — we will get to all comments as quickly as possible.

(III) Be yourself, only yourself, and just one of yourself. Commenters must use their full and real names. Commenters who consistently comment with only email addresses may be removed permanently.  Commenters found to be using fake, false, recently created, forged or stolen identities will be blocked permanently and reported.

(i) Every person’s opinion is valuable and unique. Pretending to be someone else removes that unique value from you or from others. Don’t misrepresent yourself or others, spread misinformation, or create multiple accounts. If you do, you will make the community a less enjoyable and valuable place to be and will be removed when we see it.

(VI) This community is a safe space.

(i) We strongly believe that the Webvantix, LLC, and should be a safe space for individuals, groups and their ideas. As such, violent and hostile language or calls for violence and hostility or bullying are not welcome on any platform employed by Webvantix, LLC, and If you directly or indirectly threaten the physical or mental well being of, or bully, a member of this community, or an individual or group who is the subject of an article, your comment will be removed immediately  If such behavior persists, you will be banned permanently from all commenting platforms.

(ii) If a credible threat is made against an individual or group, not only will it be removed but it is likely that it will be reported to law enforcement agencies and we will cooperate with them to any extent requested.

(iii) Personal identifiable information should never be posted to the Webvantix, LLC, and comments section.  If you are exposed to any threats, harassment or personal information trolling please report it via our Contact Page.

(VII) Commercially Oriented (SPAM) Comments.

(i) No SPAM.  All comments on any Webvantix, LLC, and platform must be of a non-commercial, non-promotional nature.  Any promotional or third party links, or attempts to move readers off of any MilfordNow or PortJervisNow platorm will be deemed SPAM and will be deleted.  Additionally, Webvantix, LLC, and reserves the right to permanently block any commenter on any Webvantix, LLC, and platform who had been deemed to publish, link or create SPAM on any website, including Webvantix, LLC, and

(VII) Webvantix, LLC, and is continually reviewing and revising its comment policy to maintain a civil atmosphere online. If you have comments, please share them with us.


Webvantix, LLC, and  and you agree that Webvantix, LLC, and and you will resolve any disputes, claims or controversies on an individual basis, and that any claims brought under these Terms of Use in connection with the Site will be brought in an individual capacity, and not on behalf of, or as part of, any purported class, consolidated, or representative proceeding. Webvantix, LLC, and and you further agree that Webvantix, LLC, and and you shall not participate in any consolidated, class, or representative proceeding (existing or future) brought by any third party arising under these Terms of Use or in connection with the Site.

If any court or arbitrator determines that the class action waiver set forth in this paragraph is void or unenforceable for any reason or that arbitration can proceed on a class basis, then the disputes, claims or controversies will not be subject to arbitration and must be litigated in federal court located in New York, New York.

The terms of this provision will also apply to any claims asserted by you against any parent or affiliated company of Webvantix, LLC, and to the extent that any such claims arise out of your access to, and/or use of the Site, and/or the provision of content, services, and/or technology on or through the Site.

(i) If you have complaints, questions, concerns or feedback – positive or critical -please utilize our Contact Page.