Blue Ridge Initiates Data Caps on Customers


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Local cable and internet access supplier Blue Ridge Communications has initiated new “Data Caps” on residential customers as of September 1. Though, according to their website, “based on statistical analysis, the changes effect less than 3% of our internet customers,” you may see your bill go up. When analyzing similar cap programs that have been implemented by other cable companies, it is apparent that bills may be rising substantially for heavy users.

“I’ve just paid $316 for Internet and basic cable service. That is completely and utterly ridiculous.” – Comment on

According to Blue Ridge’s website, residential data allowance will be capped as follows,

Web surfer – 150 GB per month

G5 – 300 GB per month

G10 – 400 GB per month

G15 – 500 GB per month

Dream 60 – 600 GB per month

Dream 100 – 700 GB per month

Additionally, “Bandwidth usage will be measured 24 hours a day throughout the month,” and “For customers exceeding their data allowance a $10 charge will be assessed and the customers will be given an additional 50GB of data.”  Previous caps had only measured usage during certain peak hours.

Similar Programs

Cable giant Comcast Communication has been “testing” similar cap or “threshold” data programs for several years, which it, according to Stop the Cap, initiated in Nashville, TN, back in 2012. Stop The Cap says that, “the Federal Communications Commission is prepared to take a hard look at the issue of Internet data caps and usage-based billing if a major cable operator like Comcast imposes usage allowances on its broadband customers nationwide.”




Bill Shock

One consumer complained on Stop the Cap’s website, saying that, “I have had basic cable and internet service with xfinity for a year. I’ve spent many days of that year calling about service issues. My bill remained around $70–75 for very basic cable and internet, which I felt was reasonable so I dealt with the service issues as they came because of the reasonable cost of service. I am very disturbed that after a year of service with xfinity, my bill more than tripled and the explanation was that it was due to my internet usage. Before I cancel service and send a formal complaint to the corporate offices. I’d like to attempt to get this resolved as I’ve just paid $316 for Internet and basic cable service. That is completely and utterly ridiculous.”

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