MilfordNow’s “Partner Article” Program

If you’re a business owner, a non-profit, or an event coordinator, does this sound like you?:  “I’ve got a great (business, non-profit or event), but I need a way to let more people know. I need more exposure.”

We feel you.

One of the reasons MilfordNow was founded was to help businesses, non-profits and events throughout the region get more exposure, get more business walking through the door. We know business is tough, and both our platform, and our reach is here to help.

Through our “Partnership Article” program, select businesses, non-profits and events can have access to the article publishing capabilities and social media reach of MilfordNow that is unparalleled in the area.  Yes, we’ve got almost 10,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and we will get you noticed.

Don’t Waste Your Money…

But what about the paper?

Why would you advertise in a local paper that comes out once a week, and then gets thrown away after 15 minutes?  Or a magazine with seven articles that comes out only a few times a year? Do people come in and say “we saw your tiny ad in the paper.”  Nope.

But they do when they read MilfordNow’s Partner Articles!  Just ask Joy Tallamay at Greens Valley Farms, or Joe Stead at Cliff Park Golf, or Chris Karangis at Luna Rossa (formerly Roma Pizza), or Austin Peter and Barbara Venezia of Sawkill Power Equipment.  Really…ask them.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in having an article published that tells your story, just click the schedule button below and complete the form to set up a conference call.

Let’s Get to Work!


Sawkill Power Equipment

We could not be happier with the article MilfordNow wrote about our new business. The outpouring of support and well wishes was astonishing, however it didn’t stop there.

Once the article was released we had an increase in customers coming to the shop, calling to have mowers picked up, dropping off chains for sharpening, and the list goes on. It was seen over 10,000 times on MilfordNow’s Facebook page, and the word spread like wildfire.

Preston took the time to really dig up what services we would be offering and in return customers were responsive to each one. We had costumers coming into the shop telling us they read about us in MilfordNow, that a friend of a friend had shared the article and they read it. I’ve never seen anything like it. As far as newspapers are concerned, we can’t imagine going with another form of advertisement. Thank you so much for helping us grow our business and welcoming us into the community!”

Austin Peter and Barbra Venezia
Owners, Sawkill Power Equipment


Green Valley Farms

We successfully partnered with MilfordNow when we needed to get the word out about our new location. Through the article and their Facebook page, they got the word out and hundreds of people came to our BBQs during the summer.
Joy Tallamay
Co-Owner, Green Valley Farms