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A+ Computer Repair owner Tommy Ricks at his shop on Harford Street in Milford. (Image Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

In January, A+ Computer Services, specializing in on-site computer repairs, arrived in Milford.  And in less than a year, they are already an important component of the local business world.

A Home-Grown Business

But A+ Computer Services started long before it moved into its current location. In 2003, owner Tommy Ricks was running a medical correspondence company and working with hospitals. The company dissolved in 2006, and the computer work that he had been doing on the side for friends and family became his main job. In 2007, his new company was launched, originally working out of Ricks’s home.

“I always wanted to make sure I had a stable career, something that I could grow on. I decided to go to school and further my education, and got a computer science degree,” said Ricks. “After the company dissolved, I didn’t know what I was going to do, and I decided to start my own computer business.”

After the business launched, it became popular in the area and grew rapidly. In 2011, a storefront was created in a strip mall in Lords Valley. The location was lacking, but it was a huge step for the fledgling company, and A+ Computer Services worked out of that space for three years.

“I had just moved into the area, and I didn’t know anybody,” said Ricks. “Through my integrity and skill, I grew popular throughout the area. It took a long time coming, but I was determined to grow my business and be the best at my craft.”




From Lords Valley To Milford

As soon as he noticed that the space that once housed the Velveteen Habit was empty, Ricks contacted the owner of the building. Initially, it seemed he was out of luck. The owner first told him that the space was already taken; however, the owner later called him back and offered him the opportunity to rent the location. Ricks immediately accepted.

“It was a no brainer. I was all for it, and we created the storefront in Milford,” said Ricks. “Hopefully, we’re here to stay.”

Since opening in Milford, business has picked up. A+ Computer Services now acts as the IT consultant for the township, and the company continues to expand its client base. They offer computer, tablet, and cell phone repairs on all platforms, and offer an internet café. They also do IT work, and offer tech support, both in-house and remote.

Joining the Community

Ricks has big plans for his company. He would like to grow his business by opening up more locations in the area, and he wants to become involved in the Milford community. Building connections and meeting new people is important to him, and he sees it as part of the future of A+ Computer Services.

“I want to plug into the community, because I think that’s how you make yourself known. You need to become known as a neighbor and become part of the collaborative effort to make the community grow,” said Ricks. “Once we start to get settled, I would like to attend some community events to get to know people.”

The future of A+ Computer Services looks bright, and Ricks is excited to be part of the Milford community. He prides himself and his company on quality and integrity, and believes that this will help his business grow.

“I always want to make sure that my customers are satisfied with their service,” said Ricks. “We want to make sure that we always give services that are affordable and efficient, and that’s important to me.”


A+ Computer Repair
107 West Harford Street
Milford, PA 18337
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